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Space Availability - HSC Campus TECH Center

Our Rooms:

  • Located inside the HSC TECH Center (2nd floor Student Faculty Center).
  • Room 231, 232, & 233: Desktop PC, large display, webcam, whiteboard, & table that seats 7.
  • Room 234 & 235: Desktop PC, large display, webcam & table that seats 7.  Whiteboard available upon request.


Our Policies:

  • Only use the room for academic and organizational purposes.  No social activities, commercial ventures, solicitation, etc.
  • The rooms are for student use. A student must make the reservation.  Faculty or staff can use a room only when it involves a student group (review session, meeting, etc.).  Such uses are expected to be one-time only occurrences.
  • The rooms are meant for group use (at least 3 students).  However, individuals and pairs can book a room as well.
  • You may book a room up to week in advance.  Bookings should not exceed four hours for any given day and eight hours for any given week.  Speak with the HSC TECH staff towards the end of your reservation if you need to stay longer.  We will accommodate you if space is still available.  Otherwise, submit special requests to
  • Be punctual.  The HSC TECH Center staff reserves the right to cancel the booking of those who fail to arrive within 15 minutes of its start time.
  • Please keep the room clean and the noise level to a minimum.


**To Make Your Reservation**

  • Click on the green (available) timeslot that will represent your reservation's start time.  A drop-down list will appear below the booking grid.
  • Click on the drop-down list & select the time you want your reservation to end.
  • Click 'Submit Times' & check your email to verify your booking has been made.

**Picked the wrong start time?  Click on the trashcan located next to the drop-down list & start over**

   Available    Your Booking    Unavailable/Padding